Private Career College Consulting – Making Compliance Happen
Hadi Naour - Director - North American College of Sciences and Languages
"The first time, I called Jerry, I found her very pleasant and professional. I met with Jerry and my business partner in her office, I immediately understood that Jerry knows the path and the road leading to accreditation for Private Career Colleges. Along the way, I had a lot of communication with Jerry. I found her to very productive, hard-working and taking our concerns seriously.

I would recommend Jerry Bishop without hesitation, and I'm ready to rehire her services for two reasons: she is hardworking and professional."
David Brandon - Owner of Tillsonburg Flying School
"I contacted Jerry in October 2014 to ask if she would put together an application for a private collage so that we could conduct commercial flight training. From the moment I started talking to her I realized that I had contacted the right person for the job. She was so full of energy and passion for what she does that I had a hard time keeping up to her. While this was the first flying school that she had prepared a private college application for, it did not take her long to learn how a flying school was different from other applications.

When we started her time line was to have the application completed and submitted by the end of the year. The application was submitted on December 31st, it could have been completed sooner if I had been able to keep up to her in supplying the information she needed. I will be recommending Jerry to other flight school operators for preparing private college applications."
Wayne Percey BSc, Bed, MAEd - Adult Education Third Party Assessor
“I have had the pleasuring of knowing and working with Jerry for a number of years. I have always found her to be a passionate, hard-working and dedicated professional. The quality of Jerry's work is outstanding! Give Jerry a task and it will be done to perfection."
Heather Stewart - Subject Matter Expert - DSW and CSW Gerontology & Addictions Curriculum
“I have had the pleasure of being able to work collaboratively with Jerry on curriculum development for several courses. I have gained, and fine-tuned, many skills under Jerry's tutelage and have enjoyed her engaging personality, her boundless positive energy, and her extraordinary work ethic. Her attention to detail is exceptional and her dedication is to be admired. Jerry has walked me through the jungle of appendices, competencies, objectives and the ever dreaded RICC, to the point that I look forward to her e-mails alerting of more work to come. She is a true multi-tasker, manager and mentor. I feel lucky to have met her!"
Joanne Vachon, Administrator, Career School of Hairstyling in Oshawa
“We have been operating for over 35 years and in the last 2 to 3 years the changes in operating at PCC have been exhausting. We could not have completed the necessary changes in our organization without Jerry Bishop.

We have increased our student registration by 35% and now have a waiting list that is 6 months to attend our NEW program. This program was co-designed by Jerry. Not only do we have a NEW program, we also developed a seminar that brings our student back for a day to ensure success in their final exam. The biggest and most successful accomplishment was applying to be accepted by OSAP, this seemed impossible for so long, until Jerry Bishop, she was the key to breaking down the barriers that seem to continuously appear.

Don’t get me started on KPI’s, with the increase of registration and students in our school, we find it impossible to keep up with the critical input of information required to have a successful KPI. We absolutely see Jerry as part of our team and part of our success. We will continue to partner with Jerry in what I believe is a promising future as an owner operator of a Private Career College."
Vidal Chavannes, Managing Director at Chavannes Consulting Company
“I had the pleasure of working with Jerry Bishop on the redesign of a program for use in a variety of career colleges. The insights she was able to share on the development of materials for the Registration Information for Career Colleges (RICC) system, were invaluable. I would not hesitate to recommend Jerry’s services and look forward to working with her again.”
Shauna McAlpine, Owner at Salon Sisu
“I was very fortunate to have hired Jerry Bishop to coach us through the intimidating and tedious job of developing a new hairstyling program in compliance with the Superintendent's Hairstyling Policy Directive # 10. As a new school owner, I was overwhelmed with the amount of time and detail that it would take to complete this task. Jerry was a gift to me during this process, as I was not only new to developing a curriculum, unknowingly I had mono. I was exhausted and suffering from extreme brain fog. Jerry was extremely organized, efficient and proved to be a driven leader. She set the stage for success, as she delegated each appendices accordingly with clear, concise instructions and provided examples of what was expected. The assignment of timely deadlines, kept us focused and on task. Jerry's industry knowledge, thorough understanding of compliance expectations, and her unwavering attention to detail allowed us to successfully meet ministry deadlines. Jerry is a born leader, with an energy is that is infectious. She truly inspires the potential within!”
Tanya Hill, Ministry Approved Independent Third Party Subject Matter Expert and Adult Education Assessor
“I have the privilege of being involved in the independent assessment of curricula and institution development resources that Jerry Bishop produces for private career colleges. With a keen eye to the importance of delivering top quality products and service for her clients, Jerry's experience, expertise, skills and professionalism are always of the highest standard. Not only are the resources and materials well researched, well organized, clear and effective in advancing the intended goal(s), but her highly personable relationship-building skills ensures the process is grounded in positivity, mutual respect and the dedication to refining and advancing thorough, effective and valued materials for the school, while always respecting expected timelines.”
Rick MacIntosh, Owner at Versailles Academy of Make-Up Arts & Esthetics
“Now that our Hairstyling program has been submitted for approval, I wanted to say thank you on behalf of Debora and myself for a job well done. To be honest, I doubted our ability to achieve the deadline for submission that we initially proposed. The amount of work involved and the level of accuracy required was indeed daunting. I should have known however, that with you on our team nothing is impossible. Not only did you meet the deadline, you did it with 10 days to spare. I am confident that this program will receive approval, as did our Esthetician program that you also worked on. Your dedication and positive attitude are inspiring, making you a pleasure to work with.”
Sherisse Thomas, Owner at Designed to Train
“Jerry is a great mentor and educator! Her phenomenal ability to coach and share her in-depth industry experience salutes her ability to design, develop and facilitate superior training programs and courses. She has a learner-first attitude which makes any program she creates successful.”
Business Assessment Solutions Inc. – Consulting with Credit Unions
Rob Cefaratti, VP Credit at FirstOntario Credit Union
"I have worked with Ms. Bishop for several years. In her role as Manager, Training & Development she was instrumental in the successful development and implementation of many training programs. She became the subject matter expert in many areas and was able to deliver well thought out and informative sessions. We were fortunate to have such a talented individual."
Joel Steiger, Founder, President Consulting Services at G2 BusinessTools
"Jerry is an incredible combination of inspiration, courage, energy and wisdom. The first time I worked with her, I knew right away she was someone who could fearlessly affect large scale positive change for people and the organizations they work in. She has an ability to focus on what is most essential, the very core of one's purpose to work and life, what it is that must be given expression, inspiring the full potential in individuals and organizations."
Dave Schurman, Executive Vice-President and Chief Operating Officer at FirstOntario Credit Union
"It was a pleasure working with Jerry at FirstOntario Credit Union. Jerry is professional but warm, with attention to detail and a flair for thinking outside the box. She is passionate about developing people through training and coaching. I would not hesitate to recommend Jerry to any organization."
Business Assessment Solutions Inc. – Inspiring the Potential Within Learning and Development
Dale Boisclair, Owner Dale Boisclair Consulting
“Jerry was able to take the highly technical but often abstract subject of retail credit collections and transform a dry in-class session into a highly successful and thoroughly professional eClass format. Her work in this area was exemplary and as a contract facilitator, makes my job more efficient and far more engaging. KUDOS Jerry!”
Blondie Talks About 365 Days of Inspiration
Ivan Buzzelli, Human Resources Consultant and Professional at Buzzelli & Associates
"Much of my work over the last few years has been focused on counselling numerous individuals who, for whatever reason, found themselves unemployed. Many of them despaired over what the future held and sank into self-pity. Jerry, in her other persona as Blondie Talks, provided me with messages I could share to support and give my clients the perspective and the motivation they needed to move forward. More importantly, it has also provided me with perspective in the midst of so much negativity resulting in moments of self-reflection, and ultimately, inner peace. Thank you Jerry!"
Garth Sheane, Retired Executive Credit Union Financial Services
“I have followed Jerry's journey as she lived the experiences that inspired her to write Blondie Talks. She is a keen observer of people in the workplace and understands the human side of business behavior. Blondie Talks touches on situations and conditions that everyone faces everyday, and gives readers understanding of what they are experiencing. Understanding is power, and power gives the ability to overcome. That is the inspiration of Blondie Talks.”
Jamie Good, CTDP, Marketing Content and Social Media Manager at Global Knowledge Training
"Through a request sent to CSTD, Jerry became my mentor in Spring 2011. I am so thankful for the relationship we have developed during this year and for the amazing help and advice she has given me.
I have continually taken her guidance and followed her suggestions to my queries about Training and Development. She has not only demonstrated incredible knowledge and experience in the field, but she has also proven that Jerry Bishop is a caring, encouraging and inspirational person. She has pushed me to try harder and think deeper and to look at life with concrete optimism. Jerry has gone above and beyond my expectations of a mentor, and I am very grateful for her."